Add crosswalk to existing project does not enable gradle build



I have an existing ionic project to which I want to add crosswalk.
If I follow the exisiting tutorial from:
everything seems to be in order.

The only difference is that when I execute the

ionic browser add crosswalk

command, I get the following message:

Cordova CLI v5.0 no longer requires you to use the ionic browser command to get Crosswalk installed
The ionic browser command will install Cordova Android, the Crosswalk plugin, the whitelist plugin, and the splashscreen plugin for your convenience.
Due to this, if you need to specify a version of Crosswalk, see this link:
Enjoy! :)
Added Android
Added Crosswalk plugin
Added whitelist plugin
Added splash screen plugin
Completed installing Crosswalk

Now when I run

ionic build android

crosswalk does not seem to be added.
I only get one APK which is the same size.

If i add a new project and add crosswalk everything seems to be fine and I get two different APK’s.

But I noticed building the new project it uses gradle and my existing project still uses the ant-build.
In this forum post I noticed this part:

$ ionic browser add crosswalk
This will do a few things.

Fetch the Crosswalk runtime
Convert the Android-Cordova project to use the Gradle Build System
Build your project. 

So I am wondering if the new way of installing crosswalk somehow does not convert the project to the gradle build.
And if so, how can I enable the gradle build instead of the ant build?


For the adding crosswalk part see this : Adding crosswalk returns strange notice

@mhartington If this is the correct answer the warning messages we see are not explicit enough I think :wink:


I’ve been having the same problem here. Did you find out why this is happening?


Unfortunately I couldn’t get this resolved.
I created a new ‘blank’ starter project and copied my code to this project.
It worked from the new workspace