401 Error when uploading to Ionic cloud deploy

401 Error when doing IONIC upload.

i am on IONIC 3.4 and accidentally deleted my site on the cloud. i re created it got a new ID and added it on my modules Cloud Setting Variable like so

const cloudSettings: CloudSettings = {
  'core': {
    'app_id': 'xxxxxxxxxx'
  'auth': {
    'facebook': {
      'scope': []

since then every time i use ionic upload it is failing for me

Request: POST https://api.ionic.io/deploy/snapshots
Response: 401
{ link: null,
message: ‘Authentication failed’,
type: ‘Unauthorized’ }

Can anyone help?

Have you tried running the ionic login command again?
Maybe your session has expired.

Also look at ionic.config.json file, I think there is the app_id written in there…

yes i did the login, same issue

ionic.config.json was the issue thanks Sujan for helping

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