3DS with Ionic4 and redirect to card issuer site

I have to update the system payment of an Ionic4 app using 3DS.
Do you know if there is a library or a plugin to do this?

Reading the protocol specifications it seems that there is a phase of the authorization procedure that happens outside the app on the card issuer site.
Here the user provides some credentials and the card emitter site redirects to the merchant site with the result of the transaction,

How this can be implemented?
Should I use the InAppBrowser plugin to redirect the user to the emitter site?
And how can I manage, with my App, the redirection to the merchant site done by the emitter site?

It seems simple to implement this behavior with a web site but not with a mobile App.

Thank you very much.


Without having experience, if you say it is easy on a website then it should ve easy in ionic/angular too as it is a website too

One concern is the referral from payment provider to your app. There u need to use deeplinls to capture anything incoming, i suppose, which reuires separate stuff for ios, android and pwa

Other concern/job could be working with authentication tokens

Some of my thoughts


Yes, this is the problematic part of the procedure.
I don’t know if deeplinks are the best way to do this, also because it would mean to manage Android and iOS in a different way.

What do you mean for “authentication tokens” related to this problem?