Ionic 3 - redirect on Mobile App from inAppBrowser

Hello everyone, I have to integrate a mobile payment gateway into my ionic 3 app, the problem is that when the gateway finish the payment it requires me a return url to redirect the browser.

What return url should I set? because I want to go back on my mobile app. And also it would be great if I can go back on a specific tab of my app.

I succeeded to achieve this by using browser.on(‘loadstart’) , and then check if the event.url includes parts of my redirect url, and if it has, I call browser.close() … Is this the best approach?

hi can you please explain me briefly how it works. thank you

Thanks for the solution Alexandru it works 100%.

I’m also integrating a mobile payment gateway, could you please help me. I’m trying to figure out how to get the transaction status. Did you use a external php url that saved the transaction data or did you somehow get a notify url the returns data directly to the app…?

Thanks, I read further down the documentation and I could use fields I previously obtained to query the transaction…