Integrate Stripe 3d Secure payments with Ionic-4


I’m creating a hybrid App that uses stripe with 3d-Secure cards for payments. What is the best way to achieve it.? What information I need to supply while creating a token for charge.

As of now if I use non-3d secure cards everything works well. I can make the charge but with 3d secure card it fails

I get:

> Fatal error: Uncaught Stripe\Error\Card: Your card was declined.

/*This 3d Secure test Card doesn't work  
let card = {    
    number: '4000000000003063',
    expMonth: 12,
    expYear: 2020,
    cvc: '220'

console.log (this.stripe.createCardToken(card));

3D secure cards on web launch a modal how can I do it on Ionic. I’m using ionic native/stripe (Can move to stripe.js if it provides more control) I’m also using stripe connect but it’s fine.

hi, Have u solved this? Can you please kindly help me?

Recommend using Stripe.js instead of the Ionic Native plugin (I’ve used it before) unless you’ll be using Cordova which is deprecated. But Stripe.js is a lot easier for 3-d secure & regular card charges and you can generate the token in the back-end and simply parse it for the charge request.

thanks for your reply @Dave_N . If you don’t mind, could you please kindly describe the implementation step by step? Because I really tried that but I’m unable to proceed.

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Hi @prabhashi1, did you solve the problem? Could you please help me?