Integrate Stripe 3d Secure payments with Ionic-4


I’m creating a hybrid App that uses stripe with 3d-Secure cards for payments. What is the best way to achieve it.? What information I need to supply while creating a token for charge.

As of now if I use non-3d secure cards everything works well. I can make the charge but with 3d secure card it fails

I get:

> Fatal error: Uncaught Stripe\Error\Card: Your card was declined.

/*This 3d Secure test Card doesn't work  
let card = {    
    number: '4000000000003063',
    expMonth: 12,
    expYear: 2020,
    cvc: '220'

console.log (this.stripe.createCardToken(card));

3D secure cards on web launch a modal how can I do it on Ionic. I’m using ionic native/stripe (Can move to stripe.js if it provides more control) I’m also using stripe connect but it’s fine.