Zsh: command not found: gradlew

I need some help.
I tried to generate Android App Bubdle (AAB) by using command ‘gradlew bundle’ but got this error: ‘zsh: command not found: gradlew’
I run this in the xxxprojects/platforms/android directory, and both the gradlew exec file and gradlew.bat are in this directory.
The Cordova Platforms is also up to date (9.1.0).

Please help, thanks in advance.

The current directory is not typically in one’s path, for security reasons.

Try ./gradlew to explicitly run something called gradlew in the current directory.


Will try later, Thanks for your help!!

With ./gradlew bundle, it is running, but come with other errors:

A problem occurred evaluating project ‘:app’.
Unable to determine Android SDK directory.

A problem occurred configuring project ‘:app’.
compileSdkVersion is not specified. Please add it to build.gradle

Would you please help again?