Could not find gradle wrapper within android sdk. What should I do?

Hello all,
I have problem with my project,
when I run command “ionic run android” or I try to realese myApp Project, will show:

“Error: Could not find gradle wrapper within android sdk. Might need to update your Android SDK”

what should I do?

thanks before…

Can you find gradlew (or gradlew.bat on Windows) in your SDK folder?
Mine is here: C:\Android\android-sdk\tools\templates\gradle\wrapper\gradlew.bat

If it’s not there, you should download it with the SDK Manager.
If it’s there, then maybe you have a problem of environment variables or of path.

I have this error and my tools folder doesn’t have templates folder at all. How do you download it with SDK Manager? There doesn’t seem to be any separate “Gradle” component available to install.

My error was related to a recent update in SDK tools: