Youtube native plugin only plays certain video id's

I use the youtube native youtube player plugin (

In Android all is fine, it plays everything, In Ios it only plays some id’s, but most not.
Latest CLI, latest ionic version.

This id always works: cjIvu7e6Wq8
this one does not… PYxp6OIEZlk (among others)
I am really stuck with this, there are no open issues for the plugin or player related to this

Did anyone run into this as well?

Ok, I tracked it down to the ionic/native plugin using a 3 year version of this lib

I think the management of the native libs can REALLY need some more careful management.
Will have to fork to make stuff work now…

100% agree. Though I’ve done nothing about it except be more cautious. Hopefully Ionic puts more focus into the interface with Cordova once they complete their current PWA push.

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Ok, I went along and created a fork with the updated plugin… (man, some learning curve :wink:

If you want a working native player and use this plugin:

Use this repo to install:
ionic cordova plugin add

And again, man plugin / dependency management is crappy in ionic / cordova

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