YoutubeVideoPlayer of ionic-native is out of date. Suggest using a forked version

The youtube player plugin does not work on new videos. It looks like the repo has not been updated in over a year and a half but there are forks which have been updated. It’d be nice if ionic-native worked with this repo instead



You could send a PR yourself to make it easier for the team to change this:

There is an issue for this:

Is there any workaround?

The current version doesn’t work with android >6

You should be able to just install the other plugin and use the native library as always.

I tryed that, didn’t work!

What exactly didn’t work?
Or first: What exactly did you try?

If I’m not mistaken, you won’t be able to import the library through ionic native. Instead you’ll have to declare the plugin variable with something like
’declare const YoutubeVideoPlayer:any;’