[Yosemite] Ionic with MAMP/XAMPP


Hey Guys,

I’m new with Ionic and Mac OS X.
Until a few days is just used Windows 7/8 with Framework7 and Xampp.

How do you set up your machines?
Did you use Mamp/Xampp or something else and do you got any good tutorials for that?

What i want:
building the app at my MacBook and test it on the iPhone via WLAN.
How can i realise this?

Thanks for all replies.


Yosemite actually comes with Apache already installed. If you want to test it in the web browser go to your sharing settings and it will tell you the local name of your Mac. It’s the same thing as your IP (like but apple makes it way easier so mine is norths-macbook-pro.local/ and when I go to that, it goes to my default folder.

There are a lot of guides online on how to do this.

This is just one of them.

Don’t forget that because you’re on OS X, you can actually build the project in Xcode and run it on your iPhone. That is the BEST way to test it because it’s the real app on a real device.


Also note that OS X Mavericks and lower uses apache 2.2 where as Yosemite uses apache 2.4 so be careful when looking online for guides, the configurations and commands are slightly different. Always be sure you’re looking for Yosemite tutorials