Ionic serve and Apache server (EasyPHP)

Hi, I’m new to Ionic but have used Cordova+JQuery Mobile for a long time.

I used to host my .php pages in my PC, so my apps could request them to the “local server” (a PC inside a LAN, using Apache Server from EasyPHP); this way, the server urls used to look something like this:

My problem is I that can’t make Ionic serve communicate with my Apache server…

If I run the app inside the browser (with “ionic serve -c”) or even a real device (with "ionic run -l -c android), the http.get and methods fall into the “error” callback… However, if I run the same code inside a real device (using “ionic run android”), it works.

Am I doing something wrong, or there’s some conflict with Ionic 2’s server and Apache server?

Any help would be very appreciated.