Yet more example of not properly working nested ion-nav-view - unwilling root is created on a history

Our main goal is to reuse a header with a content that must persist between navigated views. It’s a search control bar, and index and search results views. Actually, the content of the header is not important in this particular case…
I’ve forked ionic example from docs, and just splitted home tab by additional ion-nav-view

See the Pen Tabs And Navigation: Nightly by Dmytro Shchurov (@dmytro-shchurov) on CodePen.

To reproduce a bug with new root on a tab history, just follow these steps: click on 'Scientific Facts' button on the home page, a 'Facts' view will be opened, then click on Home TAB - this will raise 'goToHistoryRoot()' on ionic history service, when CLICK AGAIN on the home tab icon - nothing serious must happen, the view must remain, but... when you will try to click on the 'Scientific Facts' again, you will see that history is broken - no back button, no proper animation... Internally, it appears as when you clicked on the home tab in the second case, a NEW root was created on a tab history (with index ==0). It can be easily traced, but it seems I need much more time to find the reason. So, this is for you )