Xcode warnings?


Help please.


I think something is broken.

You didn’t tell us what you are trying to do.
You didn’t tell us what is going wrong.
You didn’t tell us what should go wrong.

But you posted 4 photos of random XCode stuff as images. That’s impolite.

  1. We have 2017. Don’t post screenshots like this ^^
  2. You need administrator rights to activate the developer options on macOS
  3. I think you have used sudo to add the iOs platform. Remove iOS platform and add it again. Don’t run npm commands with sudo
  4. You can ignore the cordovs file warnings.


And you should probably go and hide under your desk, because if it didn’t happen already, you’re laptop is going to blow up anytime now!


@Sujan12, @LoLStats, @luukschoen.
Sorry, i tried to do a process but had some problems.
I built the project which i did with Ionic2 and tried to open with xcode but had these problems.

When plugins about to work i receive ( cannot _ plugin) message.


You actually got a message that said “( cannot _ plugin)”? No, right? If you were somebody trying to help you, wouldn’t you want to see the exact error message, so that you could copy/paste it into searching for suggestions?


Tried without sudo,
ionic platform add ios

Error: EACCES: permission denied, open ‘[Path]/platforms.json’ ?


Can you paste the result of ls -l on that platforms.json file?


platforms.json no file ?


It lives inside your platforms folder.


result -> '-rw-r--r-- 1 root staff 22 may 1 21:29 platforms.json'


That’s strange that it’s owned by root. Can you sudo chown it to the user you are trying to build as? Alternatively, I guess you could sudo chmod a+w. Your choice.


Error: EACCES :frowning: permission denied.