XCode error Thread 1 : Signal SIGABRT


I create an app with the Ionic Framework.

On IOS / XCode : I have an error that appear when I build (with succeed) my app on XCode. This error is on the main.m “Thread 1 : signal SIGABRT”

Someone know where did this error come from? How to resolve it ?

Thanks in advance !

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Do you also get this error with a new blank project (ionic start blank blank)?
Post your ionic info output please.

No with the blank project it works.

My alll exceptions breakpoint in XCode are "objc_exception_throw in libobjc.A.dylib" and "_cxa_thrpw in libc++abi.dylib"

This breakpoint emphasizes the line "[FIRApp configure]; " in my AppDelegate+FirebasePlugin.m

I don’t think it’s a problem of Ionic but Firebase and XCode because on my Android it works.

The error meant to filled the file GoogleService-Info.plist with the data of firebase.