Thread 1: signal SIGABRT when run on IOS

I am new to ionic and mobile applications.
I have builded a app it’s working on Android is fine but i am getting one error when run on IOS.
I have no idea why i am getting this. I am using Xcode 8

please help

You are seeing this error since XCode automatically assigns a “MainViewController” to your app.
On Xcode, go to your info.plist and then remove the “MainViewController” that is tied to your setting ‘Main nib file base name’.
Let me know if that resolves the issue.

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i had the same issue

its working for me

thank you

It worked for me. Thanks.

Thank you soooo much!!! Stuck on this for 2 days, and just solved now!

Hello ,

I can’t find MainViewController on my info.plist .
Can you please help me ?