Working with the same project different computers


I’m working in a project and sometimes I work at the office with my laptop, but others times, I work from home, and I want to work with my desktop.

The thing is that I tried this several times, but almost in every case ended up breaking the project…

Whats the way to work in more than one computer with the same computer, without breaking it??

Thank you!!

Version control. I like git.

I use bitbucket, but as I said, when I download that version to my desktop, what I need to do to don’t break the project, when I modify things, or install new plugins, etc? Because I will need to upload the project again to bitbucket.

I have no clue what bitbucket is, but git has .gitignore files that say “don’t check this in”, so you can exclude things like the contents of node_modules and so on.

For plugins and platforms, the commands ionic state save and ionic state restore might help. See ionic state help.