Copy ionic project to another computer

Hi, so far i was developing ionic apps on my notebook, but now i need to develop it also on my desktop computer, is there any way to move ionic project in some elegant way? I thought it was enough to copy src folder and run npm install, but that doesnt work. Any ideas?

Check the project out of Git and run npm install.

and is there a way without git?

Check in your project to a git repo now - a correct .gitignore should still be there. Then you can check it out.

well iam not really familiar with git :frowning: Probably time to learn it, but i need to solve this out first…

Copy the whole project folder, delete node_modules. At the new location run npm install.

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thx a lot. That really helped me :slight_smile: And iam also going to learn working with git .)

Note that copying in brute force from macos, to windows will NOT work out of the box (and vice versa). You need to rebuild carefully if you have to switch from one OS to another. (and rebuilid the project through CLI).

Ah ok, good to know… This time its from windows to windows, so it shouldnt be problem

@Vartex05 it’s the same if you do transfer the same project with different versions of Ionic on different windows boxes, there are some tweaks to make, and in general a ionic cli command to make sure you use all the same dependencies on the 2 boxes (after you copied your ionic project to a new box, try ionic config or so from inside the project folder).

Hope it helps,

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Well i tried to move my project with help of git nad bitbucket, everything works allright, but when i run my app, it seems like seom plugins were not installed even if i called npm install in project directory. Is this normal? Do i have to install all plugins over again?

Remove and re-add the cordova platforms should definitely take care of that.

ok it looks like it helped :slight_smile: But i found another really weird problem… I use nfc in my app, when i run it on samsung A5, everything works fine and when i activate nfc it reads chip as it should. But when i run the same app with same code on samsung A3, and i try to read the same chip, nothing happens, no event is fired, nothing… But it reads the chip because android system popup “this nfc tag is not supported” pops up. Any ideas what is causing this?

You should open a new topic about this. This has nothing to do about the initial problem.

Possibly because Samsung Android version for A3 does not support the overall features you call (not enough CPU/RAM power in the os, or just something that create bugs with Ionic). Try it also with a friend’s iOS in Ionic View to be sure. But like @sujan12 said, it’s not the initial topic.