Working SlideBox with scrolling elements inside


For various reasons the SlideBox does not seem work well with native Ionic scrolling be that the ion-scroll way or the ion-view way, nothing really makes it work properly which is why today I needed a solution and here it is.

It’s called iscroll and it works.

All you do basically is follow the iscroll (very simple) instructions, then apply it to the scrolling element inside your slide-box and works like a charm. The other great thing about iscroll is the fact that once you move to the second slide-box, things don’t default back to top on the first, therefore it “remembers” where you left off. I know it might not be a feature for everyone, but it certainly was for me.

iscroll can be found here:

P.S. You can pretty much forget all your scrolling issues with iscroll.


OR you could this…

and no extra dependencies :wink:


Nope. Mentioned in my tip that nor ion-content, nor ion-scroll did the trick. Here’s exactly what was happening. ion-scroll just didn’t scroll, and I know it’s not really supposed to, so I went and used ion-content which usually does the trick. However that opened another can of worms. It refused scrolling the entire list of articles. Setting the height would only go to about 9999px which in my case was in no way enough and given the fact that I was pulling in dynamic content was also anything but elegant; and anything above that, the 9999px would just crash and not scroll at all. My case might be a special scenario, however I still think iscroll is a good alternative. Actually, iscroll can do a whole lot and plays very nicely with ionic. But thanks for the codepen anyway. :smile:


Any chance you could put together a codepen demoing this? I’d like to take a try at it and see what was causing the issue