Windows UWP shared Local Folder being removed

We are writing an application using Ionic 2 for Windows 10. The application will need to share data between different users on the same machine therefore we are using the shared local folder to save the data to as described in the “Using Shared Local” section of this page:

This method works great and we made changes to the Cordova-Sqlite-Storage plugin so it will write the database file to the shared local folder. The problem is when we update our application the shared local folder is removed thereby erasing all of the saved data.

I created a native C# application to see if we had the same behavior when we updated a native application. When we updated the native app the shared local folder was not removed therefore this is an issue specific to our hybrid application.

My first thought was maybe the Add-AppDevPackage.ps1 scripts were different between the native and Ionic 2 application since that is the script that we used to perform the installation and update. I ran a comparison tool to compare the scripts from the Ionic2 and native applications however the two files are exactly the same.

I can also verify that the user local folder for the application is not removed when we perform an update however that folder is specific to the individual user and we can not share data from that folder. Does anyone know why the shared local folder is removed when we perform an update of an Ionic 2 application?

Just bumping this question. Does anyone have any suggestions of what to look at or try?


Bumping again. Does anyone know where I can find documentation on how the update process works, using the Add-AppDevPackage.ps1 script, with Windows UWP apps? Any thing on the update process can help me determine what is going on. Thanks

As the native part is handled by Cordova, I suggest you also ask here:

Thanks I will ask there.

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If anyone comes across this page, I have submitted a bug with Cordova:

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