Windows Phone 8 header and footer alignment issue



My app header and footer are not properly aligned with windows phone 8 screen.

see footer is hiding behind control bar. I can scroll window to view full header and footer.

It is working fine in Android, IOS and BB10.

Cordova version : 4.3.0
Ionic version : 1.3.19

If I deploy any template application than its header and footer are properly aligned.

I have tried hiding system tray and updated ionic library files but it is not working.

Weinre shows ion-nav-view height to 569px.

Any suggestion?


We do not support WP8 at the moment, so we’re not guaranteeing that everything will work.

We are working on this for post 1.0


Try this:

In MainPage.xaml change





I have tried this.

Setting Fullscreen in config file resolved the issue.


I am facing the same issue. Could you please tell me that what you did exactly that resolved this issue?



I’m using :

“version”: “1.1.0”,
“codename”: “xenon-xerus”,
“date”: “2015-08-13”,
“time”: “19:56:18”

And i still have this issue.
Does someone know if this issue will be resolved in the near future?

Thank you,


same question…will be resolved in the near future?