The ionic footer does not fit in the viewport


The ionic footer does not fit in the view port for iOS device. However works properly in android device.


Hmm, can you provide a codepen demo or plunker illustrating what you have? I use a footer all the time and it fits fine for me.

What version of ionic are you using?
What version of ios are you using
what ios device are you using?


Hi mhartington,

Below is the simulator snapshot of the footer. The footer overflows the viewport.

I’m using

Ionic : 1.0.0-beta.3
steroids 3.1.8
And devices we have tested on are : iPhone 4s,iPad mini.

Also i noticed other issue that the ionic headers were down by 20px. I apparently fixed by overriding some of the ionic tweaks for cordova and iOS7. But that too did not help.

Here is the plunker url

it represent the template we are using for our application.

What could be the possible reason ?


Few things, can you upgrade to beta 11, the latest release.

Hmm, could be an issue with steriods.js. To test this, could you create a new sample project (using just ionic CLI) and test it on your devices?