Will this app be approved by AppStore

Hello Guys,

I’m developing a Simple App with the following features

  1. Favourites section - saves users search options - using Local Storage
  2. Price Search - Rest Api call
  3. Contact details - Rest Api call
  4. Stores list - Rest Api call
  5. Opening times and etc… - Rest Api call
  6. Price notifications - Thinking of using Push Woosh
  7. Store location - Google Api
  8. Current location & Nearest stores - Google Api

I’ve read many articles online saying that App store is rejecting Apps because app are not being native enough plus in some cases because dynamic web pages are wrapped as an app.

what are my chances of getting my app approved on app store with the above features.

Has any one gone though ejection process, what is involved init and how to by pass it?

Thanks in advance,

Yes you will pass the App Store review (assuming app works well and meets their other guidelines)

I have submitted a few like yours that were approved first time.


Thanks for your reply Darren

have another question,

I’m using google maps to locate stores. The problem I’ve been having is it is working OK locally on chrome with Ripple plugin, but when I test it on Android device it shows blank screen.

The problem is in the loading of the api script. any thoughts?


Hi Ash

Should be fine. I use Google Maps in most app with no problems.

Can you share your code - and I’ll take a look.


Had no problems|| Apple review process took a while though|
Google was like up and running in 2hrs!!

Really all the app store is reviewing is no pornography, drug encouragement, bullying encouragement, etc. so you should be fine.