Will Ionic 2 support existing Cordova plugins and Open Source?

One of my apps uses the Ionic Ratings plugins…

I am planning to start soon on a new Ionic app but I want to start using Ionic 2… I would like to continue using plugins that have worked fine for me on Ionic 1 That being said… will some of these Directives and plugins work with Ionic 2 or will we have to wait for new ones to come out?

My guess is that they wont work right? Since they seem to be written in Angular 1… Any thoughts or real world experiences with this issue? Thank you

Plugins themselves should be fine, but you will have to either:

  • write new shim code to address them from Angular2
  • wait for somebody else to do that
  • interact with it directly

The Angular1 directives are going to be useless.

Thanks for replying so quickly… Is this the answer to my issue?


or, in other words, that’s the official Ionic2 shims for various Cordova plugins. At a quick glance, I don’t see your ratings one in there.