Widget id and offlinefiles in IOS

The original app broke so I decided to create a new app and copy the code to it.
When I create a new app I get a new widdget Id. I changed it to the old Id so that google and apples stores will know it is the same app.

In the app people can download documents. How ever IOS looks for the files using the path of the new widget id even tough I changed the Id in config.xml.

I have tried removing the IOS platform and then adding it againg but it does not help.
I am buildning the app on a PC and the I copy the platform to a mac and run it In XCode.

Does anyone know how to make the IOS app look for the files in the correct place?

In this scenario you have to build it using cordova on a Apple computer. You can’t build it and add the platform on a pc and the export the platform to an Apple computer.