Ionic 3 how to get <app-id>, not the widget id which we use in config.xml

I am developing an application using Ionic 3. I need to know the “app-id” for my requirement. I am using Ionic native File plugin to download images and videos to my app for offline use.

When I use


It’s giving a path like


How can I get he “app-id” i.e, 301B015F-8F5F-4C4E-8496-7B23790F8071 from that above file path string using any plugin? I know I can use string functions to extract the id from the string, but I need a proper way using a plugin or any other way.

I tried using Ionic native Device plugin, Unique Device ID plugin. But those are giving some different IDs which doesn’t match with the “app-id” returning by the File plugin. I need to store the “app-id” as per the app requirement.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.