Why isn't my Data being requested?

Hi Ionic members,
I’m creating an application which requires me to get Json data from a HTTP url.

I cannot get the Data to load into my HTML pull to refresh form. I thought everything is correct but obviously not.

I’ve created a codepen here:


please can someone help. Thanks

Your data is being requested just fine, and the HTTP response is


The problem is that by doing ng-repeat="data in data" you’re actually iterating over the properties of the object, so for the first item data will be the string annoucement_name.

You probably want to iterate over an array, not a single object.

I have a few videos that may help you get a better understanding of how to write and debug here: Ionic: Building a Feed Reader app

Thank you, i used an array and everything is working now in codepen but when i copy and paste the code into my application it doesn’t work???