Displaying Json Data from HTTP Request using collection-repeat

Hi guys, I manage to save data from http get to the service. My problem is how to display my data using collection repeat… Thanks

Basically, you have to call your service first with your controller.
Your service will do the http call and give your data back to your controller.
There you can assign your data to your scope variable, and display it.
Afterwards, if your data is already a list, you can use :

  <ion-item collection-repeat="item in items">

ERROR: collection-repeat expected an array for ‘items’, but got a undefined. That was the error showing to me… I guess that it was on my json data? is my data wrong?
ex: {“data”:“data”,“data”:“data”}{“data”:“data”,“data”:“data”}

Yes JSON data should be an array of object like

yeah I manage to display it already, my error was on my json data… thanks for helping…