Why Ionic View doesn't show the last version of the app?

I’d like to test my app using Ionic View on my smartphone.
I’ve commited the last version of the app using the command:
git push ionic master

In the Code section of my Ionic Pro account I can see the last version of the app, the right one.
But on Ionic View I can see an old one, that is the app committed a month ago.
If I click on View all apps on the Ionic Pro dashboard it says for my app: “Last updated a month ago”.
Why Ionic View and the page “View all apps” show the old version of the app?

Thank you very much.


With the new CLI of Ionic the best way to test an app is using IonicDevApp.
To use IonicDevApp I had to install @ionic/lab before.

ionic start mytest
npm i -D -E @ionic/lab