Why Google Maps Cordova ionic angular, only working in Android and blank in IOS?

Android Screenshoot

IOS Screenshoot

I have enabled Google Maps for IOS and Add this line in config.xml

<preference name="GOOGLE_MAPS_IOS_API_KEY" value="MY_API_KEY" />

Is there any solution for me?

Thanks in advance

  1. Are you using Capacitor or Cordova?
  2. Just to make sure: In the added Line, you insert your Api Code?
  1. I’m using Cordova 9.0.0
  2. Yes i did

Is the Key restricted?

Yes it is, also i select all this for api :

  • Maps SDK for iOS
  • Geocoding API
  • Geolocation API
  • Maps SDK for Android
  • Places API
  • Maps Static API

And restricted with the App Bundle Id?

just to try as i had problems in the past with ios themes. Are you using the dark theme? Can you change it just for testing?

Yes it is restrict with my bundle id like com.xxxxx.hris

There is no dark mode in my ios emulator. And i only using dark mode in my mac. Is it problem with my mac?

I don’t think so, I had some issues with the themes in some views.
You lose nothing by trying to change the theme and emulate it again

Still with the issue. I’ve change my theme and the problem still exist