Why doesn't the ionic CDN contain the SCSS files?

why doesn’t the ionic CDN contain the SCSS files?

I am trying to upgrade from ionic 1.1.0, hoping this will fix some bugs. But first I want to compare my current set of ionic scss and js files against what was in 1.1.0, to identify any fixes made by me.

But woes! the history keeps getting revised!! The zip on http://code.ionicframework.com/#1.1.0 does not contain the SCSS files any more :frowning: Where can I find the original release?

Or, is there any way to recreate the 1.1.0 environment as it was when released?

Will greatly appreciate help. Thanks

The scss files are not required at runtime so the cdn doesn’t need them.

You can clone the original from github: https://github.com/driftyco/ionic/tree/v1.1.0

…Thanks for the tip.

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