Need to click ion-button two times to trigger the click event

I have to click two times to trigger the click event of an ion-button code chunk below

open the keyboard by focusing on ion-textarea and press save when keyboard. is up
Its on ios as of now running on ionic 4

<div class="msgContainer">
    <div class="defaultFont ion-padding-bottom"><b> Instructions:</b></div>
    <div class="inputContainer">
      <div class="login-input">

        <ion-textarea (ionBlur)="checkBlur(true)" (ionFocus)="checkFocous(false)" [(ngModel)]="item"></ion-textarea>

      <ion-button tappable color="primary"  (click)='saveMessage(item)'>Save</ion-button>
    <ion-list class="listClass" *ngIf="!isBlur">
      <ion-item>dummy test1</ion-item>
      <ion-item>dummy test2</ion-item>
      <ion-item>dummy test3</ion-item>


My code is inside an ion modal but i don’t think that’s a problem?

Couple of things:

  1. You don’t need tappable on a button.
  2. Is this Ionic 3 or what?
  3. Is this Android, iOS or both?
  4. If this is Android - does the double click issue happen if you tap and release your finger, as opposed to waiting too long?

If 3 + 4 are: Android + No respectively, then this is just how Ionic works. You can get around it by attaching to the (touchend) event instead of click, but you may get some bizarre results, or not.

This is on IOS running on ionic 5.4.16 , I have not checked in with Android Yet this on IOS.

Point 4 is not valid as I can reproduce this issue on iOS I hope I didn’t forgot anything to your question

When I removed (ionBlur)="checkBlur(true)" (ionFocus)="checkFocous(false)"

It worked I was using ionBlur and ionFocus for detecting keypad is on or not , now I am getting that using Capacitor Keyboard Plug-in