Why are my files loading so slowly on Android?

Hi there,

I’m having an issue using the command:
ionic run android
whereby local files are loading very slowly.

I have a provider in my application which does the following:

`loadFile (url)  {

    this.startTime = new Date().getTime();

    let blob = null;
    let xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();
    xhr.open("GET", url);

    xhr.responseType = "blob";
    xhr.onload = () => {
        this.receiveTime = new Date().getTime();
        console.log('got the file, it took: ', (this.receiveTime - this.startTime) / 1000, ' seconds')
        blob = xhr.response;
        let bFile = new File([blob], blob);


the loadAndDisplayFile() function provides a callback which looks like this:

fileLoadCallback() {
   let now = new Date().getTime()
   console.log('file now displayed it took: ', (now - this.receiveTime) / 1000,  'seconds to complete')

The console outputs I get when running ionic serve look like this:

got the file, it took:  0.47  seconds
file now displayed it took:  7.733 seconds to complete

But when I run this on android using ‘ionic run android’ (and using the chrome dev tools to debug), I get the following:

got the file, it took:  48.294  seconds
file now displayed it took:  30.813 seconds to complete

The load and display file is taking a file and displaying it on a webgl 3d canvas, so I might expect the second part to take a bit longer

But how can I go about reducing the 40 something seconds extra it takes to load files when debugging on my android device??

link to SO question