Chrome Debugger shows long load times fetching scripts

Hello All,

I’ve been looking into some slowness in my Android Ionic app. So I pull up the chrome inspector and inspect the emulator. I check out the network tab and I see that many of my plugin .js files are taking 70-90ms to load. That does not sound like much but with 20-30 js files being loaded, my final load time is 5.48 seconds. If I click into one of the items, you can see that it is ‘stalled’. Is there any reason why it would be stalled? Please see screen shots.

Do you mean you’re fetching these files from a server and not from your app?
What’s in your index.html?

Also having a good gulp process to concatenate and minify your scripts would help.

nope, this is all packaged within the apk. Nothing is pulling from a server minus some third party analytics scripts.

Since this is all within the app, should there by any delay? Or does the app act like a browser and has a limited number of calls it can make at a time? Or am I reading this all wrong (very possible)?

Please note that the “size” column mentions that it gets the file “(from cache)”. This could be important.

Show us the timeline a bit bigger - what happens in the first 4 seconds?