Whitelist for iOS

Hi guys,
I am trying to authenticate facebook user via Parse, but during the response from a email/password log in, I got this:

Received an error with invalid JSON from Parse: ERROR whitelist rejection: url = ‘https://api.parse.com/1/login

I’ve checked www/config.ios.xml, and that it included the line

Could anyone please shine some light on what might be wrong?


Are you getting that in the console of Xcode or in Safari development debug?

Also what exactly is this www/config.ios.xml ? I’ve never seen the “.ios” tacked on. Assuming you are using Cordova 3.4+, you generally shouldn’t edit the config.xml in the “www” path.

Instead you should edit the config.xml in the root of your app. When the build process occurs, the settings in the “config.xml” in the app root directory are written into the “config.xml” in the www directory.

@Calendee, thanks for the tips. It turned out that my config.xml is in www/ not at the app level. All fixed now :smile:

PS. the config.ios.xml is my old Appgyver’s setting (got the two mixed up!)

Thanks for the help

Though i have given in the root folder’s config.xml, im getting whitelist error in xcode. Can anyone please help me out in this ?

What version of Cordova are you on?

> cordova -v

Can you post a sample of your config.xml.?

I know that this is quite old topic but I want find out how to solve this issue: (ERROR: whitelsit rejection. url=’’)

Any idea?
config.xml looks like this

I’m having a similar issue. Everything works fine on an Android device, but when I run the iOS app in the simulator the request is blocked to parse’s API. I’m currently running the 4.0.x version of whitelist (because of the Facebook Connect Plugin). Thanks for the help.


Here’s an image of the config.xml.

The error is ‘… invalid JSON from Parse: Access not allowed to URL: https://api.parse.com/1/users

Also, at the bottom of the config.xml is:

Is that an issue that it’s listed twice? The other is:

I’m not sure which one I should have in there, I’d guess it should be the .git one, but I’m not sure.

Hey, I didn’t look at your config.xml, so I don’t know if it was the issue, but this worked to solve my problem with whitelisting on iOS. This is how you can fix it. Find this file: platforms/ios/[your-app-name]/[your-app-name]-Info.plist .

And then add something similar to this example for Firebase:


So it would look something like this:

Hope this helps, it took me quite a while to figure this one out. I really wish the documentation was better on here.

-Chris Eckman

Whitelisting works on some sources (Youtube, dailymotion), but i’m not getting the pictures from instagram and twitter, when those are embedded in wordpress posts. The GET request is made via wordpress JSON rest api.

Pics for the posts and content do appear though.

Anyone got the same issue ?

Same for me. I can’t embed any content from twitter on iOS. I’m running Cordova 6.2.0 with cordova-ios 4.1.1. I need to embed some tweets on my feed app and while works perfectly on Android, when I run on iOS (real device or simulator), I just got an iFrame with an empty tag… I was surfing all Twitter devs, Ionic and Cordova forums but I got nothing, just people with same problem and any solution. Most probably is a whitelist issue (as explain here: https://twittercommunity.com/t/http-platform-twitter-com-widgets-js-not-working-when-cordova/63204). But after trying a lot I still can’t solve it… Anyone on the planet with same problem and hopefully a working solution? It would be really appreciated! Thanks!