White screen on every platform except android


I have been dealing with this in my project since I started it. The only time the app works is running the app on Android. Using ionic serve, running for iOS using ionic run ios --device, or using the iPhone emulator with ionic emulate ios all result in a white screen.

But I can build debug and release versions for Android using the same project and it works perfectly fine, that’s the only thing that works.

I have tried running on iOS using ionic run ios --device -l -c and that doesn’t give me any errors. I also tried using Safari remote debugging and that doesn’t give me any errors either.


Okay so I have some new information. I tried running the app using the browser platform with:

ionic platform add browser
ionic prepare browser
ionic run browser

Doing this gave me some extra console logs that I guess were getting cleared when using ionic serve. There were two logs that looked like a potential issue:

StatusBar is not supported from file 'StatusBarProxy.js:23’
GET http://localhost:8000/screen 404 not found

I tried looking up both of these and I can’t seem to find anything about this.

Okay so now when I test it on ionic run browser I also get the log deviceready has not fired after 5 seconds. but I don’t see that in the logs on ionic serve or any other logs running it any other way.