White screen comes scroll fast [List]

When i am scrolling the list fast [has 2000 data] , it shows white screen and data updated very slowly. Is anybody having solution for this. Thanks in advance !

is anybody has a solution ?

check this out this will not allow to load more then 2000 data . it will automatically load data simultaneously on scroll

this team is called infinite scroll

using ion-infinite scroll also i am getting the same , After loading all the 2000 elements and scroll upwards fastly shows the white screen

Is anybody has solution? While using ion-infinite scroll also i am getting the same

have you found out any solution? @Tamsel

let us know if you find any solution to get ride of lags

I have used large size of images in list @indraraj26. So , I reduced the size of the image which is used in list and it is worked fine for me. Thank you

I have chat application there is no image and nthing but you scroll little bit fast you will se white screen then it will render. Also it lags so much on iOS. did you had similar issue on iOS on large list you will have lag.