White areas when scrolling over virtualScroll with image grid

Hi all ,

I am working with Ionic for along time and made most of my applications with Ionic 3 framework.

Now I am developing an application for image selection.
In this application I have a list of tabs. each tab is a alum library on the device.
And the first tab is for a list of all images from all albums.

So when a user clicks on a tab I show a virtualScroll list with a grid of the images in that tab the images are taken from the device.

The problem is that when I scroll/swipe quickly up and and down I see a white area for a 1-3 seconds and only after that I see the images.

I am stuck with this problem for a week now !

What is the problem with that and how can I fix it?

You can see a demonstration of what I am talkink about in this screen video I made

And a screen shot:

Here is my HTML code for showing the images:

    <ion-title>images: {{pageTitle}}</ion-title>

  <div class="wrapper-div">
    <ion-grid [virtualScroll]="albumImages" [approxItemHeight]="'100px'" bufferRatio="5">
        <ion-col col-4 *virtualItem="let image">
          <div class="image" [style.height.px]="imageHeight">
            <img-loader [src]="image.url" useImg></img-loader>

No answers from Ionic team ?
Any one else maybe ?

So the question is:
Is virtualScroll broken ?

See this post:

And if so will Ionic team fix it for Ionic 3?

It seams that also on Ionic 4 it is not working for ion-grid
See this issue:

Still waiting for some response from Ionic team …