White screen after splash screen ionic 3

how do i remove white screen after splash screen?
I’ve tried changing android-minSdkVersion to the latest version but I’m not getting it

Try Capacitor with Ionic 4. Capacitor ships with a brand new splash screen of its own and it will not have this kind of problem.

Sounds like your rootnav doesn’t get set…

Do you mean that you are getting a brief white screen after the splash screen, or nothing but a white screen after the splash screen?

If the former: use the splash screen plugin and set the splash screen not to hide automatically, and then trigger hiding the splash screen from your code once your app has loaded. This avoids the splash screen hiding before the view has fully loaded.

If that latter: you likely have a JavaScript error that is breaking your application. Open up a remote debugger, and refresh your application through the debugger. This should catch any errors that occur on startup and you can see what the issue is.

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