White Screen after splash screen after adding WKWebView Plugin


How do I make my ionic app load completely before showing the homepage, I want to remove the white screen after the splash screen completely. I have tried the ngCordova splashscreen plugin, it worked until i added the WKWEBView Plugin to my project.


@michael_adeyeri, I am having problems with WKWebView too. Could you make it work?


@michael_adeyeri, just for the record, I finally got the WKWebView problem working. I could only resolve it after executing these instructions step-by-step.


Try adding exception handler using angular $exceptionHandler service.

Also add window.onerror to catch any errors. Looks like your app module is failing.

Make sure you also add alert to HTTPRequest on error interceptor. There you will get error occuring.

Once you find the error you can fix it :slight_smile:

Also in case of NETWORK error you can try * for ACCESS-CONTROL-ALLOW-ORIGIN


@shashwattripath how can I implement this suggestion with Ionic 2? I still get the white screen when opening the app after it has been Paused clicking the back button…


Hey in angular2 we can have interface for exception handling.

Ref: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/39186773/ionic-2-exception-handling-without-freezing

For Http interceptor also you can create your own HTTP service layer through which all http request are passed, and there we can have .error() to handle HTTP errors.


Thanks, @shashwattripath, I will take a look at it. However, I managed to fix the white screen by configuring the config.xml file and adding this property <preference name="SplashShowOnlyFirstTime" value="false" />

Something more, could you suggest me some docs or reference regarding speed optimization of Ionic 2?