White screen after return from camera plugin in landscape orientation

Hi! I’m currently working on little ionic demo and have a problem with returning from plugin view on ios platform. When I use barcode plugin or camera plugin, everything works fine when I end up with device in portrait orientation, but when I make photo/scan barcode in landscape orientation, there is white screen upon returning to ionic app. Rotating device to portrait reloads view and everything is fine.
I have <preference name="Orientation value="all"/> tag in my config.xml as well as all orientations set in Xcode project.
It’s weird because when I rotate device everything works well, the only problem is when I return from plugin view in landscape orientation.

Any idea what can I do to fix this? Everything works perfect on android.

Did you get this figured out?

I’m seeing a very similar problem when returning from the Cordova InAppBrowser. If I tap “Done” in landscape, a white screen comes up. If I then rotate to portrait (or tap “Done” in portrait) it’s fine.

I spoke too soon. After more searching, at least in my case, it looks like it was a bug in the cordova-plugin-statusbar plugin.

Removing and re-adding the plugin from master worked for me, since it isn’t in the release version yet:

ionic plugin add https://github.com/apache/cordova-plugin-statusbar

Answer found here: http://stackoverflow.com/a/41676115


Same issue here. Thanks for your solution.