White screen on iPhone

Hey guys,

I am building an app using Ionic for the first time and everything is going great, the only problem right now is that if I run my app in the simulator and the browser the app looks as I designed but when I run ionic upload and try to test it on my iPhone 6 using the Ionic View app, I just get a white screen :frowning:

Is there a reason why ionic view and the simulator or browser could be different?

I also tried building the .xcodeproj that is generated and running it in my iphone as an app but still I get that white screen.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Did you try to clear all app data in your Ionic App View settings before upload ? If yes, try to modify your ionic.project located in your root folder like :

  "name": "my-first-application",
  "app_id": ""

After, upload your app. It will reset your app id normally.

thanks for the answer!

I tried deleting my app_id from ionic.project and run it on ionic view and I still a white screen :frowning:

I am using Parse and ngCordova if that helps any

Maybe a cordova plugin not supported ?
( At the moment, plugin access is restricted to a specific subset of plugins, including GeoLocation, Keyboard, StatusBar, and BarcodeScanner)

Only those 4 are supported? I am using keyboard, facebook connnect, geolocation and status bar only

Maybe more like cordovaNetwork but not all.
facebook connect I don’t know.

I fixed it! The problem was in my states…I had it like ‘…/views/games/games-list.html’ and all I had to remove was the ‘…/’

Hi, I had the same problem at the beginning of my development in my case, was css problems I had to edit. But for safety in your code, I suggest using GapDebug has a good tutorial and you can go and see your code behaves in a device.


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thanks for the tip, it works great!

I am glad that it served to you :slight_smile:

If it’s a software problem, you can follow this way to fix iPhone white screen.