While building the apk file and serve lab, app.bundle.js file is missing

Check your command line, you most likely have a typescript error.

Yes, I Checked But Its came same error,
Command’s are ionic serve lab & ionic build android.

Are you including any third-party libraries?

I also have the same exact problem. I tested my app with “ionic serve” on a browser, then ran it on the Android emulator, then again viewed it in the browser again only to receive this error. I was not using any third-party libraries.

Please provide more information.

The out put of ionic info:

I was not using any third-party libraries, just simple app navigate one page to another page, exactly what i given the screen shot that one is repeating. And Can You Please Provide the “PUSH NOTIFICATION” Setup

Can you please list out the commands you ran?

As for push notification. V2 support is still being worked on.

Can you please update me whenever completed, and ionic v1.0 Push Notification Worked or Not. Please provide Ionic v1.0 push notification setup to me. Thank You .