Which version of Node are people using for Ionic 2? LTS or later?

Hello from France, I’m soon to start an Ionic 2 project, will likely be on here a fair bit !

Watching the official Ionic 2 vids on youtube Max mentions keeping to the LTS version of Node which at the time of this message is 6.10.0. I’ve had mine on 7.something for the last month or so playing around with Ionic.

What’s everyone using here? I’ve just reverted to 6.10.0 using NVM.

Install the most recent LTS, make sure you can get everything working, and then you can upgrade beyond that. There are a lot of dependencies, and I have no idea what is on your system already. So start out cautious. I’m running Node 7.2.1 at the moment, but I might upgrade or downgrade depending how things behave.

The big change coming soon is Angular 4, and if/when Ionic wraps it. And I don’t know how that will play with npm.

yeah, reverting to 6.10.0 caused more issues, so I did an $nvm install stable which seems to be working ok so far on Mac, but not Ubuntu. will downgrade the latter again as you say, make it behave again. is this something we can use Yarn with instead?

I am using Node 7 since its release with several Ionic2 apps and I didn’t encounter any problem until now.

I’ve been using Node 7.7.2 the last two days without problem on Mac