Which Storage to use?

Hi all… new here… very confused by the available ionic v1 (the majority) documentation with respect to the ionic v2 docs, especially pertaining to persistent storage. I was all set to use use SqlStorage in RC0, based on a recent example I found from just a couple months ago, only to find SqlStorage was removed from RC0!

I don’t need a lot of storage now, but I don’t want to pick something with 50Mb limits. I’d prefer SQL based due to experience, but am willing to accept others if the reasoning is sound. I want to pick the right DB… not something deprecated or on the way out when better options exist.

What’s recommended for Ionic v2 as of 10/3/16?



Bret Schuhmacher | Sr. Solutions Architect | bits.and.bytes.software@gmail.com


Same problem here.

Had a working app with SqlStorage and now i can’t use it because i don’t know how to import SqlStorage to my project.

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Having the same issue… hope I don’t have to refactor to use SQLite instead of SQL Storage especially since SQL Storage was touted to be the preferred mechanism in RC11. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah me too.

Did you use pre-populated databases?

I have to use them, so i was using cordova-sqlite-ext https://github.com/litehelpers/cordova-sqlite-ext

Someone knows if i can use this plugin with Sqlite?