Ionic2 RC and SQLStorage


i cant find the SQLStorage anymore (

In beta11, i could find it under ‘ionic-angular’, but now its gone.

Where can i find it now?



I think they took it out of the main framework.
I don’t really know anything about it, I just remember seeing a commit of them deleting it.


Ah thanks, it looks like SQLStorage is no longer needed because the Storage class choose SQLite on Device automatically.

Hm, but i cant see how to start a query to SQLite. Is this no longer possible?

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Now it is also gone in the Documentation. Will the SQLStorage come back? Or should i now implement my own class for SQLite and WebSQL-Handling?

Edit: If anyone has the same problem, there is now a ticket:

see this

Same problem here. Just updated to RC to find out that my app doesn’t work anymore. I was using SQLStorage query heavily. Will probably have to revert back to beta11…


Personally I’m glad it’s gone. It didn’t fit the Storage API and the lack of transactions made the query method not particularly useful.

Some problem in RC version, I’m unable to find SqlStorage in RC version.
If i use SQLite then not working in web browser.

it don’t work in browser.
import { SQLite } from ‘ionic-native’;