Which one to pick? React, Angular or Vue?


I am new to Ionic framework.
I had a short exposure to react native.
I would like to start developing for mobile an app but is not clear for me which one of the possibilities is better off:
React, Angular or Vue?

I would appreciate if you could offer few insights regarding this.

Thank you


The good old framework question. See this post for the same question - Which Framework should I use? Angular, React, or Vue?.


Thank you for your answer.
I read the post you referred.
In my case I am a backend developer and the front end technologies were not my priority.
That’s why I asked this question to people more informed than me and with experience.

My experience with React Native was pretty painful in designing the graphic interfaces for the mobile.
I gave up and learned Flutter, which was better in my opinion. Still I think using web standards may be a better path forward for me to follow. I only look for the beginning to do small projects to understand the technology, Ionic.

To me Typescript would ring close to what I prefer as a programming language.
I guess, Angular should probably be my first try… However I am not quite clear how Vue3 would be better than the Angular? this would be interesting for me to find out if you could answer.

Thank you.

In my opinion, if you have been working with React you should first give it a try. Ionic React already uses TypeScript, so it is the same as Angular.
I’ve built a small demo app recently and it was my first try using Ionic React. My first thought is that Angular has more “red tape” than React.
You do have to know more “javascript” tricks to work with React because it does not have ng-If or ng-For directives like Angular.

Hope I’ve helped, enjoy your coding!


Thank you for your answer.
I think I will go with React in this case.
My understanding is that I still can use Typescript with React; I prefer Typescript

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I would add that you will find many more resources and education for Ionic/Angular as that was the first framework used. I started with React but in hindsight wish I would have chosen Angular.

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