Where to put content images, cutouts in the folder structure?

Hi, I am stuck on where to put my images. Here are places that I can think of:

  1. Put images under app/pages/module/images folder, so the images are close to the module where it appeared.
  2. Put shared images under app/pages/images.
  3. Put images under app/theme/images folder, with style files.
  4. Put images under Resources folder for different device types. By the way what does the Resources folder do?

Since I don’t find any gulp tasks related to images, should I write my own gulp task? Or should I use webpack to help bundle the images?

@inksword Images aren’t included in the build steps. Therefore, add your images onder www/img . Good luck!

This was asked here and here..

Conclusion: in www folder you can create your own img or assets folder and link to the image based on paths that are relative to the index.html like mhartington said.

Thanks for pointing out. Did some search on image topics, but these are not on the top. It is interesting to know someone has the same “simple” question as me.