Where is the www/app in Ionic 2 tabbar UI template?

The Tab 1 from the Tabbar Template says, “Take a look at the www/app/ directory to add or change tabs, update any existing page or create new pages”. But I don’t have an app folder in the www directory.

Below is my Ionic2 project’s root directory. There’s only one www folder and but there’s no app directory inside it. There is an app directory in the root directory. This is also what the Sidemenu/Tutorial template’s directory looks like; no www/app/


Thanks for pointing that out! It should be the app/ directory in the root which is a sibling to the www/ directory. All development should be made in the app directory. Looks like it wasn’t updated there when we reorganized the structure. I’ve updated the tabs starter to reflect this. :slight_smile:

Hey @brandyshea, thanks for doing this so quickly. I created a new Ionic2 project with TypeScript using tabbar template to check out the changes.

However, I got this error. I never saw this before and I’ve created 3 Ionic 2 projects before this.

The folders are there, I haven’t added any platforms or did a build. Just in case this is something important(?).

Hey! I actually just ran into this error earlier today. We found where the problem is and it will be fixed when a new version of the CLI is released, but until then I created an issue for people that run into this: