No css js template folder in www folder

i follow all the instruction from ionic get started but whenever i run the command ionic start myApp sidemenu i don’t see the js css template folder in myApp\www folder why is it happening ??? there’s no folder in www folder

what are your ionic and cordova and npm versions.

node.js 6.10.3
ionic 3.0.0 i follow the instruction from site

npm install -g cordova ionic
ionic start myApp sidemenu
cd myapp
ionic serve

instead of npm install -g cordova ionic try this

$ sudo npm install -g cordova
and then
$ sudo npm install -g ionic

and if you are on Windows do not use sudo in these commands.

i tried this too but after doing this i run the command
ionic start myApp sidemenu
cd myApp
inoic serve

it create myApp folder
in myApp\www there’s only two folder
assets and build

there no js css template folder this the main problem i’m facing right now

I might be missing something, but there isn’t supposed to … ? This is a v2 project, correct? What is exactly you’re wanting to do with these files?

everything looks good maybe it could be the fact that you have outdated ionic cli. try this npm i -g ionic@beta and see if anything resolves.

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in myApp\www folder there should be folder of css,js template but in my project there’s no such folders …
i watch so many tutorial but don’t understand why isn’t any js css template folder in www folder when i created my project

Can you link one of said tutorials?

like in this video there’s css,js , template folder but in my project there’s no folder of css js …

This is an Ionic v1 app. The commands you have listed would be the ones to create an Ionic v3 app, vastly different from one another. If you really wish to create a v1 app, append -v1 (or is it --v1?) to the create command.

i think you should follow this tutorial…its for ionic-3

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this video is just for reference i’m using v3

i’m following this above site to create my project but i haven’t got my solution… :frowning:

By default, there is no css/js/html in the www. Everything is built when you run ionic serve


this is what i was talking about :frowning:

You can’t use a v1 video for reference on a v3 project, that’s just not gonna work. And you’re not gonna get these folders in your www folder in a v3 project without some very unnecessary modifications. If you want to start a v1 project, do as I said here

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same happening with me, there is no folder of this name, any suggestion for me.

same problem with me in ionic v3

Like it was already mentioned, ionic 1 is not ionic 3. These are two different frameworks. Ionic 3 is the successor of Ionic 1.

In Ionic 1 you develop with javascript and work with files in www directory.
In Ionic 3 you develop with typescript and work with files in src directory.