Where is documentation on what ion events contain?

Where can I find documentation on the contents of event for something like onIonChange event? I tried searching ionic documentation, but can’t find anything using the search function.

i.e. <IonSegment value={currentPage} onIonChange={(event) => event.whatPropertiesCanIUseHere???}>

Use the source, Luke.

The README tells you that is a CustomEvent<SegmentChangeEventDetail>, and the interface file for the component tells you that a SegmentChangeEventDetail looks like so:

export interface SegmentChangeEventDetail {
  value: string | undefined;
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This is something we’re working on for V6, so hang tight!

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Thank you! You guys created a wonderful thing. I don’t have enough $$ to subscribe to one of your paid plans yet, but if I can support you another way, please let me know.

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